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How to Shave Your Face

It's something you probably do every day as automatically as dressing. You reach in the cabinet for your razor and gel and shave the way you always have - the way you saw your dad shave. You see is as a necessary chore, but a chore all the same.

But are you doing it right? Does it need to be a chore? And does it have to leave your skin feeling like it's been attacked with a machete?

The simple answer is no. The experts at King of Shaves believe a combination of the correct software (gel, oil or foam), hardware (your razor) and technique will give you a smooth, pain free shave. Shaving is something to be enjoyed, not endured!

We've put together a simple guide to help you achieve 'The World's Best Shave' along with some FAQs and common shaving solutions. If you still don't get it you can email us for more help!


These three words should become your daily mantra to achieve a close, smooth shave.

PRIME: Shave during / after warm bath or shower. Wet the face thoroughly with hot / warm water. 

SHAVE: Apply your chosen shaving prep and massage into wet beard. Spend a few seconds preparing the stubble. Using a sharp blade, shave carefully in direction of hair growth. Rinse the blade frequently. Once you have finished, rinse your face with cool water.

PROTECT: After shaving, pat skin dry (don't rub). Finally, protect skin with a post shave product or a moisturiser.

Some Key "Dos and Don'ts"...

Do read the instructions. To get the full benefit of King of Shaves (or any other) shaving software, take a moment to read the instructions on pack. With our King of Shaves products we are not asking you to forget everything you ever learned about shaving, but these are revolutionary products that work best if you use them as suggested.

Do use an exfoliator at least twice a week, but don't use it daily unless it is specifically designed as a daily use product (like XCD Primer). By over exfoliating, you may actually make your skin greasier as it tries to cope with the loss of moisture caused by the scrub.

Do use a moisturiser like K24 post shave. Shaving can be drying on the skin so you need to help repair this. Moisturiser should be applied as soon as possible after shaving or washing (certainly within 10 minutes).

Do use a moisturiser with a sun protection factor (SPF - like suncream) built in (K24 or XCD Defender). Sun and wind can be very damaging on your skin so you need to protect your skin from UV rays now. SPF is not only for when you hit the beach!

Don't wash your face with soap. Soaps are usually very drying on the skin and coupled with shaving (which also can be drying); you will make your skin dry, tight and uncomfortable. To effectively (and kindly) cleanse your skin, use a soap free face wash like K1ST or ASC.

Don't wash your face in cold water prior to a shave. Cold water will close your pores, making the hair harder to cut. Do wash your face and neck thoroughly in warm / hot water prior to shaving.

Don't apply aftershave to your face. The days of 'splash it all over' are long gone. Aftershave is primarily made from alcohol and alcohol, like soap, has a drying effect on your skin. To wear aftershave or a fragrance, simply apply it to the back of your neck or your wrists.

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