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How to Change Your Blade

When you feel your shave isn’t as smooth or as close as you’d like it to be, replace your razor’s blade. Below is a quick guide to how to change a King of Shaves Azor 4-Blade, 5-Blade and Queen Of L’Azor cartridges

To load a replacement cartridge onto your King of Shaves System Razor, push the Azor’s head down on top of the new cartridge (whilst it is still in the tray) with your index and middle fingers firmly pressing on the square dots on the rear. When you feel the head engage, pull the handle and cartridge out from the tray.

To eject a cartridge, hold the Azor handle and use your thumb to press firmly down on the Azor ‘A’ logo on the back of the razor’s head to ‘ping’ off the cartridge. Alternatively, slide the used cartridge into the tray and remove by pulling the handle upwards whilst gently pressing the Azor logo down with your thumb.


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